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The origins of the Wöhler business lie in the manufacturing of so-called stars for chimney sweeping and cleaning.

Over the years the operational divisions of measuring and cleaning instruments, production machinery and technical brushes have developed, based on our know-how on production and experience in the application of diverse brush types.

The current structure of the Wöhler Group is shown in the organisational chart. Further information can be found simply by clicking on the individual companies.

Bohemia s.r.o.

Wöhler Bohemia s.r.o. was founded in 1994 in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic as a subsidiary of the German based Wöhler Group companies.

Built on the technical know-how, tradition and experience of the German parent companies our programme covers chimney cleaning equipment and chimney sweep supplies, technical brushes and machinery.

Wöhler Bohemia s.r.o. also represents the German based Wöhler Group companies in the Czech Republic as an agency.

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Brush Tech GmbH

The World of Brushmaking Machines

We are a leading manufacturer of production machinery for technical brushes in industrial applications as well as for specialty consumer brushes.

Our comprehensive development and production facilities allow us to supply our customers with custom made, one-stop solutions.

We provide innovative solutions coupled with the experience and security of a German based company with decades of experience in the international brush industry.

You will find the end products from our machines all over in everyday life. These include strip brushes in vacuum cleaner tools and attachments, street sweeping and airport cleaning brushes and dental brushes used by dentists for polishing teeth, to name just a few.

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HTFilament s.r.o.

Since 1999 we have been developing, producing and supplying heat resistant abrasive brushes and special fill materials for the brush industry.

We continue developing new materials to individual specifications and operational requirements, such as high temperature or chemical resistance, rigidity or elasticity, in which the performance of conventional fill materials is inadequate.

This enables us to supply special materials to specific customer requirements, even in small lots.

Our filaments and finished brushes are used in the de-burring, polishing and superfinishing of surfaces and in other special applications.

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Technische Bürsten GmbH

Specialty Products for Specialists

We produce technical brushes and nonwoven FM®-Rolls for industrial applications.

We manufacture in every imaginable size, core and fill material and supply to customer order.

Based on our considerable experience we are able to develop reliable solutions for new applications and ensure that our customers’ requirements are optimally met.

Our products are found exclusively in industrial applications: For example, wheel brushes used in the continuous de-burring of cut ends on tubes and pipes. Our nonwoven FM®-Rolls cover a whole range of applications, such as the transport, oiling and cleaning of sheet metal in the steel and automotive industries.

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Technik GmbH

The Measure of Technology

We are leading manufacturers of measuring instruments, video inspection systems and cleaning technology all around heating, ventilation and building maintenance services.

Our products stand out for their technical expertise and customised solutions. The direct contact to us as manufacturer ensures our customers the best support and allows the continuous development of optimised and practical solutions.

You may already know our products, for example from your chimney sweep. Together with these customers of ours, we ensure that your heating installation always runs safely and efficiently.

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