Did you know, just how much of Wöhler
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Ideas in Technology

The company name of Wöhler has been synonymous with innovative products and high quality in the world of measuring and cleaning instruments, production machinery and technical brushes for over 80 years.

As a family-owned enterprise with an international focus we place particular value on our customer and supplier relationships being built on partnership.

Our headquarters are in Bad Wünnenberg, Germany. Subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Taiwan, the USA, Italy and France, along with a comprehensive network of agencies ensure our personal presence for customers world-wide.

The following examples show in how many different areas of everyday life our products can be found.

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Wöhler works in your vacuum cleaner

Wöhler Brush Tech is a leading manufacturer of production machinery for technical brushes in industrial applications as well as for specialty consumer brushes and has been doing this successfully for more than 50 years.

A practical example is the SBM 92 machine shown: This produces the strip brushes used in your brand-named vacuum cleaner too!
Further brushmaking machines include those for the production of twist knot brushes, brush segments, dental brushes, street sweeper brushes and a whole range of other applications.

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Wöhler checks your
heating installation

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Wöhler files away your papers

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